We take pride in raising our chickens with locally produced feed, fresh greens, seasonal veggies, and fruit scraps. Our chickens are free range and live happily in our portable chicken trailer that follows our goats, sheep, and cattle, around the property. Not only does this provide you with delicious, healthy eggs, but it keeps our land healthy through holistic management of multiple species. We know that our chickens are only as healthy as the land that supports them, so we do everything possible to keep our practices very sustainable.

If you would like to purchase eggs, we sell them from our farm for $6 a dozen or $8 for an 18 pack. You may also purchase them at Jack Creek Farms. We do try to have eggs available year round, but quantities are usually limited in the winter due to reduced laying.

Duck Eggs!

We have farm fresh duck eggs available in small quantities. Our ducks free range and keep our apple orchard bugs at a minimum. Duck eggs are $8 a dozen or $4 for a half dozen.

Our free range chickens follow our goats in pens we build around the property