DJ and Annie took over Sustainable Chickens in 2017. They have been raising chicks with love and providing the highest quality pullets and hens to customers ever since! DJ and Annie believe that starting with coop ready pullets instead of chicks give new chicken owners the best possible success. If any issues arise, they are happy to help any way they can! They also have an ever growing number of laying hens in a variety of coops that help in understanding how to best recommend solutions for any situation. With so many chickens, they also have quite a few eggs to sell year-round.

Annie and DJ have two little farm helpers. Harrison is 3 years old and loves to help with the chicks, chickens, and all of the other animals. Lilyann is 1 year old and enjoys watching everything going on. She will be helping in no time! Along with numerous chickens, you can find goats, sheep, pigs, horses, cattle, dogs, and our farm cat hanging around the farm.

About Annie:

Annie grew up in Goleta, CA (near Santa Barbara) and always had a fascination with animals growing up. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Cal Poly and has had jobs or internships working with practically every kind of animal possible. When she isn’t taking care of things on the farm, Annie has a full-time job at a local winery taking care of their horses, sheep, goats, and grape vines.

About DJ:

DJ is an Atascadero local! He was born and raised here and his love for animals was realized when he met Annie and started joining in on all of the fun. DJ has his Bachelor’s degree from Cal Poly in Business and has his EA certificate. DJ recently quit his full-time accounting job to be a full-time farmer. He takes care of everything on the farm for Sustainable chickens and our most recent undertaking BeeWench Farm. He also umpires high school and college football games.

If you’d like to find out more information about our newest endeavor, BeeWench Farm, just click this link:

You can get non GMO, soy free, corn free, pasture raised meat and eggs all online from us by ordering from BeeWench Farm!