Why Buy Pullets?

Pullets are female chickens that have not started laying yet. They are a good choice to start with or add to your coop because:

  • They are past the fragile chick age and do not require a heat source
  • We guarantee females (we buy them sexed but it’s not 100% accurate) If you do end up with a rooster, we will refund or replace him.
  • They are about half the size of a full grown chicken, so you and your family can handle them easily (perfect for kids!)
  • You know how old they are and will get many years of egg production
  • They will start laying within 2-4 months of getting them from us!

If you have raised chicks before, you may know that it takes a lot of work, equipment, worry, and losses happen. You may also miss the sign at the store that says “straight-run” which means you will most likely end up with a few roosters. We do this for you so that you can enjoy healthy, coop ready pullets. If you are looking for hens that are laying, make sure you trust the seller because you do not want to buy birds that are over two years old. Their best laying years are behind them and will slowly taper off. We have certainly done all of these things and learned from them! We are more than happy to answer any questions and provide the best possible start for your chicken experience!

Available Pullets

3 Month Old Coop Ready Pullets:

  • Speckled Sussex
  • Assorted Marans
  • Black Sumatras
  • Sapphire Blues