How much do you sell chickens for?

Our coop ready pullets are $25 each or 5 or more for $20 each.  

How can I get chickens from you?

You can either make an appointment to come pick them up at our farm, we can meet you somewhere with them, or we can deliver them for a small fee. If you live close to SLO you can pick them up at DJs office at 8am any weekday.

Do I need to bring anything to transport them?

If you pick them up, we will have cardboard boxes to put them in that you can take with you. If you would rather use your own pet carrier, we can put them in there when you come.

Can I add these pullets to my current flock?

Yes! It does usually take some careful planning and may not be entirely peaceful, but you can do it! We recommend that you try to keep them separated but able to see each other for a week if possible and then add them into the coop at night so everyone wakes up together. If you can’t keep them separated, just try to add them when it’s dark so that they wake up together. There will most likely be some pecking, but unless one is getting picked on to the point of injury everyone should be alright as long as you have a coop with roosts and room to get away from bullies. You can always separate the bully out for a while, which has proven to be the best way to solve issues of pecking.

When will these pullets start laying?

Pullets start laying anywhere between 4-8 months old. The breed and weather have big impacts on laying age as well. Most breeds will start laying at 5-6 months no matter what the weather is like. They will start with smaller eggs, but don’t worry, the eggs will get larger.

What if I get a rooster?

We guarantee female pullets, so if one does end up being a rooster we will happily take it back and get you a replacement pullet! Sometimes you might think a pullet is a rooster because they make noises and act like boss of the coop, but you are more than welcome to contact us and send pictures to verify this before you switch them out for a pullet.